Friday, 13 April 2012

... On suggestive texts

Yay, this picture is about as interesting as this slightly whiny blog post!  More exciting ones to come in the future... At some point... Maybe...
I met a friend recently for breakfast and she was talking about how things with a guy she likes had been going, he'd expressed interest but hadn't entirely made clear how seriously he was taking the dates they'd been on.  Anyway, they'd been sending flirty and suggestive texts back and forth the night before and she'd decided to ask a bit what was going on.  The second part I understand completely, I don't entirely go along with the 'bluntly request information' approach to such things, but it certainly gets everything out in the open even if it can kill the mood dead (this probably says more about my self-esteem than I'm generally comfortable revealing of course, but... *shrugs*); however the first part, ie. 'flirty and suggestive texts' is something that completely eludes me.  I have, in the past, received such texts and responded in kind but I find initiating any sort of mildly explicit conversation via an electronic medium completely impossible and fail miserably at upping the ante when someone else initiates it for me.  I don't entirely know what it is that makes it so difficult for me, but it's why I tend to avoid talking to women I'm interested in via Facebook or in text messages if at all possible, except to arrange face to face meetings if required.  I think part of the problem is that texting or writing seems to engage the brain a bit more than communicating in person and, as a naturally cautious person when it comes to implications of a sexual nature with someone I'm interested in (almost certainly a topic for another day), that may give me time to worry too much about potential fallout if I've misread something.

Receiving a suggestive text from the right person can be very exciting, assuming the time and place are right (ie. your lover/partner/spouse/benefit heavy friend hasn't decided to text in the middle of one of those well known sexy accounts meeting) as it engages the imagination and helps to send it off into lustful thoughts relating to the sender, always fun... Truth be told, depending on the last time you saw the person in question, even the mere reminder that they exist can be enough to send you mind off on a tour of some of your more interesting fantasies, but somehow even the slightest direction in text form can make it all the more interesting, again assuming a sensible time and place.  I think part of what makes suggestive texting so much fun is the secrecy of the whole thing, you can be sitting in a very public place having your 'significant other' describing to you any number of naughty things the two of you could be getting up to, even something as innocent as gently resting your hand on their leg can be sexy if it's in an inappropriate place (take that as you will), so your brain entertaining such thoughts out in public is fairly fun.

Anyway, enough about that, the main thing is I'm crap at it. Damn.


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